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Our pledge to you

The national Policing Pledge sets out minimum standards of service that you can expect to receive from us. These range from standards for answering calls promptly, how you can have a say over how your neighbourhood is policed, how you can expect to receive up to date information about local crime and how you will be supported if you are a victim of crime.Click here for more

Meet your neighbourhood policing team

Here are the officers that are dedicated to policing where you live

PC 702
Dave Shaw
01995 607869

PCSO 7879
David Edwards
01995 607869

If you want to talk to your local officers about things that are happening in your area, you can email them by clicking here

Please don't use this address to report crimes or incidents -
use 999 for emergencies or 0845 125 35 45 for non-emergencies.

You can pop in and see the team or write to them at:

Garstang Police Station
Moss Lane

What do you want to happen in your area?

Your local team is all about finding local solutions to local issues and works closely with organisations to make this happen. It runs monthly meetings called Police and Communities Together (PACT) where you can talk about things that are happening in your area that you think need sorting out.

Police and communities together (PACT)

Find out details of your next meeting -

Your next meeting is on:

DATE: 13/10/2010

TIME: 07:00 PM

VENUE:Stransdale Centre, Parlick Road, Garstang PR3 1NE (usually second Wednesday of each month)

Find out what people said was important this month -

Priority 1:

Priorities apply for Garstang area, as a whole:

Driving and Road Safety Issues in Garstang area, in particular around the A6.

Priority 2:

Driving, Road Safety and Vehicle Nuisance in the Over Wyre area.

Priority 3:

Cold Callers and Bogus Callers in Great Eccleston, targeting in particular the elderly.

Find out what we have been doing in the last month -

For the Garstang area as a whole:

You said:
Anti social behaviour in the area was a concern.
We did:
High visibility policing was carried out in the area and this will continue in the coming months throughout the Garstang area by all your local Neighbourhood Teams.
As a result:
There has been a 26.3% reduction in anti social behaviour and criminal damage in the Great Eccleston area.

You said:
There are problems with driving and road safety issues in the area.
We did:
There have been significant detections of offences regarding driving and road safety issues in Garstang South area. High visibility policing and road policing initiatives have been carried out, resulting in significant reductions of reported offences.

This will continue to be a PACT Priority for the coming month.


There has also been a reduction of 26.8% in reports involving anti social behaviour near licensed premises following high visibility policing and licensing checks carried out around licensed premises in Hambleton and surrounding areas.

**Over the winter there was a significant rise in the number of crimes along the canal ranging from criminal damage to thefts and burglaries. Upon looking into this, it has become apparent that a vast majority of the boats moored up and down the Canal are left empty for a considerable amount of time per year and are therefore quite vulnerable. The idea of this scheme is not only to try to deter the crime by raising public awareness by putting articles in the press and putting signage up, but also to keep boat owners up to date with crimes or other relevant information such as crime prevention advice or even results of crime detections that would be of interest to the boating community.

Therefore we have set up a system whereby we can send out text messages en-masse with this information in to all the boat owners who we have contact details for. This way any information we wish to send out can be done so instantly and will take up minimal time. The idea being that if unfortunately a crime does take place, for example if there had been a theft of diesel from a boat in Garstang, we can instantly send a text out to all the boat owners in the area, who we have contact details of and alert them to this so that they can then make sure that their boat is secure.

The scheme covers the canal from the very top in Carnforth all the way down to the end of Northern Division on Station Lane at Barton. We ask that anyone who is either moored on the Lancaster Canal or spends time on the Canal to join the scheme as the more members on the scheme, the more beneficial it will be.

Anyone interested in joining should either email our Neighbourhood Policing Team at or call our voicemail on 01995-607869 and leave us a message with your name, boat name, mobile phone number and where your boat is moored. We will update your details onto a database and send you a welcome text. Window stickers advertising that you are members will be ready for collection from Garstang Police Station shortly.**

For further information please see